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Neivaldo Costa

President of ACAESP

Management: 2013 to 2018. Reelected: 2019 to 2023.

Prof. Ney Costa - Married - 56 years old

Professor, Coach, Speaker, Writer, Cultural Producer, Researcher of the Brazilian Culture and Public Management

Brazilian Phone Numbers: 93044-4615 e 98585-7107

E-mails: e



Graduation in History - UNIFAI (1992)

Postgraduate in Brazilian Republic History - UNIFAI (1993)

Preparatory Project for Master in Public Policy and Brazilian Culture.

Professional experience

• Nakata S / A Industry and Commerce, currently Dana- Metallurgical- 1980-1982;

• Alcides Procópio and Irmão Ltda as assembler - 1983-1985;

• Sanko Foams - Personal Department Assistant - 1986-1990:

• State Education Network - History Teacher - 1990-2016;

• Alexandre Dumas Educational Center - History and Geography Teacher - 1996-2005;

• Board ACAESP (São Paulo Artistic and Sports Cultural Association) - Management 2008 - 2013);

• Cultural Producer since 2007 developing projects for ACAESP;

• Lecturer in LBV courses with music and other themes (2008);

• President of ACAESP (São Paulo Cultural Artistic and Sports Association) - Management 2014 - 2018) and renewed Management (2019-2023);

• Member of the 2015 Brazilian Coaching Society with Coach background;

• Merit Award by the Brazilian Coaching Society in 2016 for the support and scientific dissemination;

• Speaker of Creative Economy and themes related to Brazilian culture and history;

• TV WEB Manager Diadema- 2016;

• Host of the “All For Education” Program by Diadema TV- 2016;

• Member of the Rotary Club Diadema Floreat 2016;

• Achieved election by ACAESP of Chair in COMPEDE (Municipal Council of People with Disabilities) 2019;

• Active participant in the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo as representative of ACAESP on the Parliamentary Fronts for the Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with emphasis on Public Policies for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEA). Supporting and Combating Cancer and Defenses of the Rights of Persons with Persons with Disabilities;

Taught Courses

Memorization and Dynamic Reading;

Methodology with music for the classroom (Ecology, Rock, MPB and Brazilian Music in general);

Fundraising and Project Assembly;

Teacher Training by Diadema School board;

Training of Methodologies in Personal, Professional Coaching and Coach Leader (Brazilian Coaching Society);

Creative Empowerment Coaching;

Anti-stress Coaching for teachers and staff;

Pedagogical Support Coaching;

Administrative Support Coaching;

Coaching of Political Philosophy;

Anti-bulling coaching.


1 - High Voltage Motivation;

2 - Security in the Art of Selling;

3 - Consciential Quality of Life;

4 - Creative Economy: The Great Hidden Treasure;

5 - Creative Economy and the Modes of Production;

6 - Powerful tools against limiting beliefs;

7 - Empowering Community and Humanitarian Goals;

8 - Tribute to Women;

9 - Personal Time Management;

10 - The Living Thought of Raul Seixas;

11 - Poetry and Turbulence in the Legião Urbana;

12 - Music and Ecology in the Classroom;

13 - Rock and MPB in the Classroom;

14 - The convergence between Party Politics and Public Policies;

15 - The Powerful Forces of Football for Personal Life;

16 - The Powerful Forces of Football for your company;

17 - The future belongs to the youth;

18 - Where are our children;

19 - The Sleeping Cultural Revolution;

20 - Safe Coping and Victory over Bullyng.


Raul Seixas's Living Thought and other work in progress.

Acting as a writer: Author of “The Living Thought by Raul Seixas”, published work. Registered works awaiting review: “Poetry and Turbulence in the Legião Urbana”, “Football: Heritage and Controversy”, other works are being built with no forecast of completion linked to Education, Culture, Coaching and Public Policy.

Cultural Producer by ACAESP

Created the following projects, some accomplished, others not for political reasons in the city of Diadema. Will be only mentioned the accomplished


• Visions of Global Warming;

• Our People;

• Black Culture Highlighted;

• The Great Rock Heritage,

• The Living Thought of Raul Seixas;

• International Humor Exhibition with 3 editions made;

• “Art in the Square” Project, only Parliamentary Amendment received, the remaining philanthropy;

• “Caricatures” Project;

• “Environmental Booklet” Project;

• “Art at School” Project;

• “Art in the Company” Project;

• Cultural Soiree ACAESP Project;

• Special Education: Project approved by Rouanet Law, “The Great Art Tool Against Autism”.

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