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São Paulo Artistic and Sports Cultural Association

ACAESP (São Paulo Cultural Artistic and Sports Association) was conceived by Sonia Fares and was founded on November 1st, 2005 with a very wide Statute and can act nationally and internationally in the main areas of human development such as Education, Culture, Arts, Sport, Science and Environment.

The entity in partnership with Culture in the Municipality of Diadema filed many actions and forums to regulate the law that was not used by the artists of the city and which is provided for the use of 20% discount of property tax and ITBI for cultural projects.

In 2011 we obtained our registration with the CMDCA (Municipal Council of the Rights of the Child and Adolescent), with the help of the Councilman Mr. Lauro Michels, today mayor of the city in second term, having the sacrament registration at the end of the same year.

The CMDCA suggested that we serve children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) due to high demand from the city, which led us to the “The Great Tool of Art Against Autism” project, which has been developed on a philanthropic basis, two years ago with a voluntary multidisciplinary team.

Even though it is not a municipal sphere, the Special Education Supervisor of the Public Network visited us and suggested that the project be expanded to attend the students of the State Public School Network.

In function of not received any public funds, our entity has made several philanthropic projects.

The only help we had from a parliamentarian was from the deputy Said Mourad, who granted us a Parliamentary Amendment for the “Art in the Square” Project. All other projects, exhibitions, environmental projects and events are philanthropic and funded by ourselves.

These philanthropic projects helped us to have the titles of State Public Utility in 2012 and Municipal Public Utility. We send all required reports and documents to the São Paulo Legislative Assembly and Diadema City Council.

In 2018 we had “The Great Tool of Art Against Autism” Project approved by the Rouanet Law, but we are still in the process of raising funds to expand the service to 100 children.

In 2019, the entity won a place in COMPEDE (Municipal Council of People with Disabilities) and has actively participated in boosting this body, which can enable a major advance to direct aid and projects to a large audience. According to some recent estimates, Brazil has over 45 million people with some kind of disability.

In June 2019 we got a seat at CMCDA (City Council for Children and Adolescents) where there were 8 vacancies for 14 contending entities and we got the first place with 152 votes.

Since May 2019, ACAESP has been honorably invited to actively participate in the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo, with representation on the Parliamentary Fronts for the Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with emphasis on Public Policies for People with Disorders, Autistic Spectrum (TEA), Accessibility for Autism (TEA), Cancer Support and Battle and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities.

As a result of this participation, ACAESP is developing projects to work on these humanitarian causes, as well as cultural, sporting, environmental and educational projects to be implemented in the year 2020 with the help of various parliamentarians and also with the current Incentive laws.


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