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Exhibition - Black Culture Highlighted


November 10 to 22, 2016.


Diadema Cultural Center.


The exhibition aims to portray the richness of black culture for the formation of the people and the history of Brazil, as well as the cultural contribution of other people in other regions of the planet.


  • - Show that the cultural manifestations are of human beings, being made by all without any distinction and with the same beauty and content of different cultural segments;
  • - Emphasize the power of black ethnicity in the construction of Brazilian civilization, since the beginning of the colonial period;
  • - Enable the visitors of the exhibition, reflections on the multiplicity of black culture in the process of miscegenation and cultural contribution in various cultural aspects such as: language, music, dance, folklore, literature, cooking, religion, among others;
  • - Exalt the greatness and art of the black people in sport with their achievements for Brazilian football and American basketball;
  • - Highlight the importance of the culture of humanity as a heritage to be celebrated among peoples, respecting each other's contribution to each ethnic group.
  • - Reflect that within a process of the logic of higher consciousness that we are all belonging to human ethnicity and analyze the question of the logic of the construction of racism among people.

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