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The Arte na Praça Project was conceived as a rescue of art and the latent artistic awakening that exists in people, since in our country the looks not directed at this important segment. Due to the cultural wealth of Brazil, the project aims to show the need of citizens to take possession of the Brazilian cultural heritage represented by art.


  • - Enable the dissemination of work involving art as a professional alternative, due to the creativity of the Brazilian people who need to exercise their right to manifest their cultural productions;
  • - Teach quick and effective techniques for the first steps of the structural logic of painting;
  • - Use the event as a way of social integration of the most varied neighborhoods present in the proposed activities;
  • - Use the event so that the citizens involved have moments not only of reflection, but of leisure and joy, provided by art;
  • - Disclosure of the event sponsor's brand in order to solidify work partnerships.


The Event has a complete structure of sound, stage, independent energy with generator, DJ playing the best of children's music and today, two performances by children's and / or youth bands, face painting, puppet theater, storytellers, caricaturists, balloon sculptures, dance group presentation, clowns and juggling. Besides the famous castle jumps and the ball pool.

During the event, people will have the opportunity to develop their own painting on canvas with the support and guidance of professionals from SEAP-Studio and Escola de Arte Paulista.

The activities developed will be free of charge to the public, during the 8 hours of the event.

In our proposal we include all the cost of advertising with banners, banners and flyers.

The first edition of Projeto Arte na Praça, carried out by Escola SEAP in partnership with ACAESP - São Paulo State Cultural and Artistic and Sports Association, was a success.

With a Parliamentary Amendment amount allocated by Deputy Said Mourad of the PSC in September 2010, Agreement number 2010CV0006, Process is SC 41933/2010

Recalling that until now it was the only public money that the entity received, so we are very grateful to Deputy Said Mourad, who no longer holds the position, but had a look at our struggle.

In this way, SEAP and ACAESP want to bring this very special day again, and for that we are looking for new partnerships and sponsors, in order to fix the event in our city where we are so seeking to bring the public closer to art and culture.

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