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The project aims to mobilize all sectors of Civil Society and Public Power, in joint actions, to join efforts in the areas of education, social reception, special education, professionalization, culture, sports, sustainability, the environment, social projects, health, revention, quality of life, events, tourism, among others.

Present and suggest public policy proposals in different regions, in addition to disseminating scientifically proven proposals and ethodologies to increase the results of management groups from different regions, also targeting City Halls, CMDCAS, CMAS, Universities, Unions, Trade Associations, CIESP, Leadership Enlightened communities, citizens of different age groups to be involved within the democratic pluralism of the free manifestation of the vast philosophical field of the world in which we live, aiming to boost and legitimize the just and legal implementation of the urgent need for public policies.


  • - Previously send the guidelines to the interviewees so that they can adequately prepare themselves for the content and their need to contribute with their acting experience or their brand in the case of development of the proposed content;
  • - Interview the University Management Group and other segments of civil society, both in the pedagogical area, as well as in the administrative, cultural, environmental area, as well as other sectors of City Halls, Trade Associations, CIESP and legitimate bodies of Civil Society such as CMDCA, CMAS etc.
  • - Effectively control, through the editions, the interviewees speeches so as not to show personal offenses to the Instituted Public Power or to give rise to party politics during the respective mandates of the elected and also in the electoral period, the interview in some cases will only be broadcast through interviewee authorization depending on the position; - Watch over the image of Civil Society bodies that act in a very responsible and voluntary manner and within the law, since the work of the vast majority is voluntary;
  • - Through the Web Program and interviews, show the pedagogical modernity proposed by the Private and Public Institutions, in addition to the social and cultural projects, the broadcast will be on youtube and then on TV ACAESP;
  • - Carry out pedagogical activities or cultural parties, fairs, exhibitions, foreseen in the city calendar in a summarized form or in social projects, with prior authorization from the managers, the Social Secretariats, Education, Sports Secretariat according to the Sports Calendar, visitation to museums and tourism, taking into account the specificity of each city or region, as well as implementing the process little by little, ying sanitary norms according to Covid 19;
  • - Use smartphone technology for faster and more efficient dissemination of public policy proposals, since WEB TV grows faster than open TV;
  • - Show part of the History of the Institutions that may be the OS, among others, through images previously selected and authorized by those responsible or from other organizations;
  • - Disseminate in an ethical and responsible manner the importance of the role of social organizations in social, educational and professional and cultural training, since we need to show the value of entities that are heavily criticized by the vast majority who ignore the value of NGOs, the need of the country that is striking, as well as demystifying this misguided and distorted concept that is fed daily on social networks and conversations guided by common sense;
  • - Highlight the professional competence of employees and management groups involved with public policies and the efficiency in the process of quality of the results of the respective applications of the projects, in addition to showing the proposals for improvement of the organization in question, also being able to mount an institutional video, showing the activities of the entities in question;
  • - Display positive testimonials from students, teachers, education professionals, in the case of Educational Institutions, or belonging to projects of entities, current employees and those who have already passed through the respective Institution;
  • - List the courses and qualification proposals offered by the organization in the case of companies, or companies, or unions, as well as showing their role and their importance in the professional awareness of their category and their labor and citizenship rights;
  • - Listening to human resources professionals to provide us with data and characteristics of workers who are being inserted in the labor market and what skills need to be improved;
  • - Interview community leaders from various regions so that they can express their suggestions for improving neighborhoods and the quality of life of residents of the most varied cities, always observing the Program's ethical line.

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