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The great tool of art against autism

Our Project

The project intends to use the methodology and the art tools to expand visual learning, attention, the great retention of capacity and concentration in areas of interest of the autistic group.


  • - Encourage the children about the details in the execution and creation proposed by drawing;
  • - Use art as an adjustment tool to those involved learn to deal with the different;
  • - Assist children to improve their ability to concentrate and coordinate motor skills, as drawing is a necessary tool in children's intellectual development, automatically reflected in school performance;
  • - Identify and respect the characteristics of those involved so that they can acquire their own style in the field of arts;
  • - Insert the concepts of art in an easy way in function of the good visual memory that is pertinent to autistic children;

First stage:

  • • Visual perception;
  • • Observation drawing;
  • • Composition;
  • • Light and shadow;
  • • Drawing of human figure;
  • • Perspective.

Second Stage:

  • • Graphite Pencil;
  • • Crayon;
  • • Nankin techniques;
  • • Coal;
  • • Color theory;
  • • Thematic exploration of portraits;
  • • Landscapes;
  • • Dead nature;

Third Stage:

  • • Development of techniques in creative work.

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